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Heather Bowdridge Ankiewicz

Heather Bowdridge Ankiewicz

Real Estate Agent - The Andovers & Merrimack Valley Expert

In the real estate industry more than 85% of agents fail during their first year yet Heather jumped in and immediately excelled helping clients successfully purchase upper tier homes in the competitive Westford, North Andover & Haverhill markets. 

It's a well known fact that nursing experts become some of the most highly sought after agents due to their ability to stay calm while others are flustered, advise and guide during difficult situations and ultimately protect the person they have been tasked with protecting. In the real estate realm Heather's nursing experience allows her to have the tough discussions calmly and gently that are sometimes needed during negotiations, home inspections and pricing planning. 

Heather is a very well known North Andover expert with close ties to the Merrimack Valley as well as Westford & Chelmsford areas. Since 1996 Heather has worked as a Surgical nurse at Brigham and Women's hospital, one of our countries most highly ranked and most high energy environments. This experience translates beautifully to real estate sales. She has provided her buyer and seller clients with stellar service by focussing solely on their needs and helping them to understand their options. 

She brings every bit of her experience, patience, and calm demeanor to the real estate realm having successfully worked on real estate projects in North Andover, Chelmsford, Methuen & Haverhill over the recent years focussing on both single family and condominium sales. 

She assists both first time buyers and sellers as well as move up buyers and downsizers. Years ago when we worked together to sell her existing North Andover home and purchase her new home a spark was ignited and she fell in love with the real estate sale process. Heather recognized how impactful smart marketing can be during her sale and how a delicate approach can be hugely beneficial when purchasing. She made the decision to join the group as a local real estate expert a short time after.

Heather is the very proud mom of two incredible children in the North Andover school systems. If you see her at baseball, lacrosse, horse back riding, golfing, the batting cages or any other one of our local sports be sure to say hello and let her know how she can assist you. She's always smiling, full of energy and extremely knowledgeable.