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Laura Putnam

Laura Putnam

North of Boston Real Estate Agent

Laura is dynamo with a proven track record for accomplishing the seemingly impossible. From running the NYC & Boston marathons, to working as a professional actress in movies and maybe the most difficult of all successfully acquiring, renovating and reselling residential real estate developments. 

She is a very well connected Andover "local Mom" relocated from Rhode Island. Her recent experience working on an upcoming film with Mark Wahlberg, Will Farrell, John Cena and Mel Gibson and John Lithgow was extremely rewarding professionally however when you hear her describe it the thrill of helping home buyers find their next address where they will build their lives is clearly her passion. 

She brings the same energy to real estate that she has to her time boxing, running the Boston and NYC marathons and growing her acting resume. 

Laura began her career as a real estate agent in Andover when she recognized that her unique life experiences, connections and energy will serve her buyer and seller clients extremely well. As a professional actress she has made strong connections in the industry and as a local Mom & Wife she has the relationships needed in our community to truly help understand the value of the North of Boston Lifestyle.

Her areas of specialization include Andover, North Andover, the Merrimack Valley, Seacoast MA & Boston. 

Watch here for her upcoming listings and projects in the works with 833 Capital group.