When a home doesn't sell most assume it's the price. 

After succesfully managing more than 480 home sales personally, I have proven time and time again strategy matters AND it's not always the price that prevents a home from selling. 

Before you agree to lower your expectations and put your house back on the market for less let me show you what I would do to earn you the sale price you were hoping for.

During my 12+ years in the industry selling homes in the Andovers, Merrimack valley and North Shore I have seen hundreds of well priced homes fail to sell due to agent error, lack of marketing, flawed follow up or poor feedback. Low quality advertising and poor communication are also very common issues that can be easily fixed without a price reduction.
Many of these homes I have ultimately sold quickly with multiple offers after being hired to energize the marketing. Some I have increased the price and sold them for more. This unusual level of success that I am able to provide my clients with has earned my position within the top 3% of ALL agents across ALL brands nationally and the absolute top tier of success in the Andovers & Merrimack Valley. 

The homes I market and the quality of my marketing has attracted both local and national attention. Some of the  most recent media outlets are below.

I care enough to invest my time, effort and money into providing you with honest answers and extraordinary results.

Your success depends on many things: 

  • Planning and presentation
  • Agent expertise and experience
  • Communication and follow up

See the most common reasons homes fail to sell below...

See my real reviews from actual seller and buyer clients here 

84 Sunset Rock Rd Andover

Sioux Circle Andover

Hoyts Gypsy Lane Newburyport

Here are the most common issues preventing homes from selling today.

LACK OF STRATEGY - It's very common for agents today to use an automated home valuation website to guess what your house is worth, take photos from their phone and put the house onto mls and maybe zillow if you are lucky. They'll post it on their Facebook page so people see them as successful and then they pray. That's not a strategy. 

Home marketing at a high level requires experience and skill. My unique experience allows me to accurately gauge your house's most likely sale price, enhance the value through storytelling marketing and negotiate a win - win with favorable terms and sale price providing you with a successful transaction.

Houses don't sell themselves. Your agent must posess the knowledge, skill and determination to get your home sold.

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LACK OF DEFINITION - Through photos and video your marketing portfolio needs to showcase the positives and solidify your property as the one and only that will offer the lifestyle the most likely buyer is searching for.  

Often I see houses that are improperly defined with poorly conceived descriptions that fail to make the home look good or sound interesting.  Yet, when I view them in person they are quite desirable. 

My job as a marketing professional is to clearly demonstrate the unique appeal of your property, minimize the negatives and substantiate the value of the home both in person at our showings or open house event or online. 

I create marketing that reaches out and grabs serious buyers attention prompting them to act quickly. My clients frequently tell me they fell in love with their house all over again when they first see our presentation. 

This home below was available to be seen just one hour before the buyer stepped through the door and fell in love. 

Amesbury Rd Haverhill

LACK OF ADVERTISING - Agents in 2016 have thousands of ways to advertise your home yet very few earn a level of success that allows them to afford the systems or tools to do so. Even fewer understand modern marketing or are willing to invest the time it takes to create and manage these types of ad resources.

My experience proves that the marketing offered by most local real estate firms to their agents is simply NOT enough to sell your home for top dollar. 

My average listing is exposed to more than 60,000 local and national potential buyers in under 4 days due to enormous reach of my advertising and networking. My marketing team and I create strategies that are guaranteed to make your home the talk of the town. Our strength is evident in our ability to bring more buyers to our open house events and more serious showing traffic to your doorstep. 

This home below received very little traffic and no serious interest resulting in a sale. Within 24 hours we had over 28 inquiries for showings.

POOR SHOWING QUALITY -  Most local agents have their office staff handle requests during their standard hours making it difficult to book appointments. Often you'll see a note in a listing that even says "do not call agent". I take the exact opposite approach. I encourage calls.  Buyers today want immediate information, they don't want to wait until an office reopens the following day or even after the weekend or holiday. By then other homes have hit the market, had price changes or added an open house. Don't let your home be the one they tried to see but couldn't.

During the showing process I elevate the level of buyer interest in the home, enhance their opinion of the property and create a sense of urgency prompting them to submit their offer sooner rather than later.  

It’s my responsibility as the dedicated listing agent to remove the obstacles that prevent the buyer from viewing your home.

Often the sale is solidified during the follow up post showing. Sadly most of the time questions aren’t responded to, requests for information go unanswered and no one works to remind the buyer of how great the home is. Instead agents wait for the buyer to contact them. 

My systems keep my listings in front of the buyers who view them online or in person until your home is Sold. I enthusiastically engage with all leads consistently to keep us top of mind when it's most important. My tracking systems even have a "magic moment" feature letting us know when a buyer is engaged with your house online.

Dudley St North Andover sold with many offers in 2 days.

OVERSELLING THE HOME - Agents who don't quite know who the audience for a home is will over dramatize the description leaving buyers with an unrealistic expectation of what to expect when they arrive. This is worse than underselling a home in my opinion. 

Every home is special and every home whether it's a fixer upper for $100,000 or a move in condition new home has features that make it desirable. There's no need to oversell a home as there are buyers out there for absolutely every type of property. 

Over the years I have studied real estate marketing, taken countless courses in advertising, studied the buzz words that make buyers swoon, perfected the trends regarding how to visually present a home and watched prices rise and fall.  

Everything my group and I do is to attract the right buyer most willing to recognize how valuable your property is. Yes, we take advantage of house cleaners, design staff, home stagers, professional photography and videography but ultimately we won't ruin your chances of meeting the right person by over estimating your home's value or appeal.

Are you wondering what the REAL value of your home is in today's market? Call me at 978.457.3406 so that I can provide you with an accurate idea of what to expect as well as a projection including how long it should take to sell. We can discuss what your options for housing are like currently and whether or not I have buyers who are ready to buy your home right now allowing you to save money on closing costs as well. 

Here are some samples of my marketing & My recent sales

Andover Home

North Andover Home

Haverhill home

Andover Home

Here are some examples of homes that were previously marketed unsuccessfully by other agents that I have later sold. 

Woodmont Ave Haverhill

Olympic Lane North Andover

Gould Rd Andover

Brightwood Ave North Andover