I have 28 Seller's prepping their homes for the spring market....Would you rather compete with them OR beat the market and obtain the highest price possible?

My average listing will receive multiple offers in UNDER 5 days and ultimately sell for more than 100.4% of list price. I have succesfully managed more than 400 home sales. During the 5 years I have perfected the systems, techniques and approaches to marketing homes north shore and northern mass and now we are adding Southern NH as well. 

Take advantage of my strategies and you'll be sure to enjoy an extraordinary sale any time of the year. The question that's on smart seller's minds, is it time to sell or better to wait until spring?  If money is important the time is now. It's a STRONG Seller's market. Inventory across the country is lower than it has been in my 10 years in the industry. Prices are WAY UP, interest rates are low and buyers are anxious to find their dream home. 

                             Buying & Selling at the same time? See some of my suggestions here.

10 reasons you'll most likely sell for more this winter

1. Spring/Summer buyers tend to think there is a never ending supply of homes and they can wait for the right one. By the fall/winter seasons their expectations have been lowered and their goal areas and price ranges expanded. They may have  offers that were ignored or rejected and now they are finally ready to get serious. You want your home to be seen by these buyers. 

2. The Spring/Summer buyers that lost out during the busy seasons won't wait to be overbid again next year. Their offers are more serious and they are more willing to loosen contingencies to impress the seller. You want these buyers to see your home. 

3. People expect homes to take longer to sell, they are less critical when a house is on the market after 7 days. This provides you a more stable environment for selling as competing home owners don't drop their prices as quickly as they do at other times during the year.

4. Buyers have cabin fever! People are easier to work with during the winter as they are often more focussed. House hunting takes center stage over outdoor activities. I often see home buyers be more generous and less nitpicky at inspection knowing that inventory is light and their options are limited.

5. Sell in the winter and you earn the opportunity to be a non-contingent home buyer in the spring market when there is much more inventory. Non contingent buyers are far more attractive than people with homes to sell and you have a better chance to negotiate your purchase price lower.

6. In the Merrimack Valley, Northern MA & Southern NH areas we have MANY  buyers who are relocating here for work. These buyers are given a set amount of time to find a home and are booked on house hunting trips during the slow cycles at their companies- AKA the holiday season. You want these buyers to see your home!

7. If money is important you need to consider that we have peaked in almost all towns around the northern MA, Southern NH areas. Home values can't continue to rise at the pace they have been during the last few years. Your house is most likely worth more today than it has been in quite some time. By selling this fall or winter you can earn that higher sale price and eliminate the risk of watching the home values drop as the market shift occurs.

Click here to Schedule a time to meet confidentially and see exactly what your home would sell for today, a projection regarding the value later this year and how long it should take to sell. 

8. The 2017 spring market is expected to bring MANY homes to the market. Downsizers who skipped this years spring market hoping to capitalize next year on even higher prices - move up buyers that were waiting to have a little more equity for their down payments - people who didn't realize prices have surged as much as they did. They will be your spring time competition. This inventory starts to hit the market very early March, typically well staged and updated specifically for selling. You don't want to compete with them if you don't have to.

Do you need to sell before you buy? Check out how to buy and sell at the same time without losing your mind here - 

Here are some tips to plan your winter sale process:

1. Have a strategy. Post your house on the best day of the week (yes there is one) with a set showing plan, open house and inspection schedule allowing you to restrict viewings after dark if being out at night isn't comfortable for you.

2. Have some options in mind for short term housing as well as homes to purchase if you plan to buy now so when your offer arrives you are prepared to accept without lots of time delays.

2. Ask for delayed closing allowing you to stay in your home through the holiday season.

3. Have a plow person and snow shoveler confirmed for storms so you aren't rushing to clear your walkway and driveway for viewings.

4. Take advantage of drive by buyers - hang white lights and leave them lit for added curb appeal.

5. Keep the heat at least at 67 degrees but not over 70 for viewers comfort. 

What we do to make your life easier when we sell during the winter

We offer many services that make the lives of my clients easier throughout the year. Some of the things that we provide during the winter months is a snow removal service, our preferred house cleaners,  preferred movers and inspectors, as well as contractors for last minute weather related repairs like ice dams. We also have decorative light installers to maximize your curb appeal and access to short term housing for your convenience. Don't hesitate to call to discuss how I can help you earn the highest price possible for your home - click here to get started