When you run into me on the street i'll most likely be carrying a cold brew. It's no secret a cozy coffee shop is one of my favorite places to meet people. If you can't imagine a day without coffee or need someplace new for a meeting check out some of my favorites.  Be sure to let me know if you have a local spot that my readers and I should know about! 

1. Plum Island Coffee Roasters, in Newburyport MA - this is a must when you come to town. The fact that it's practically right outside my office door means I tend to spend time there

Centered in Newburyport's boatyard is Plum Island Coffee Roasters, this quaint cafe specializes in fair trade gourmet coffee. 

This cafe roasts their coffee in 50 pound batches to ensure highest quality coffee, which also ensures their signature artisan flare. 


Check out that view! 

2. Caffé Nero, in Andover MA

Opened first twenty years ago Caffè Nero has spread across Europe and over the pond to Boston and now (thank god ) Andover! We needed more options! This brand focuses on treating guests with kindness and providing top level goods and services. The brand's very own  Nero Foundation supports coffee-growing communities which provides funds to local amenities and schools. Plus, they have a fireplace you can sit by and enjoy their treats. 

3. Atomic Cafe, in Marblehead MA With it's first opening in Beverly, MA in 1996 Atomic Cafe has dedicated itself to providing highest quality coffee for their customers.  It's three locations all serve top notch baked goods, lattes, and teas! This is a favorite among the locals and one of my must hit stops whenever I am in the area. 

4. Gusto Cafe, in Beverly MA

Located in the heart of Downtown Beverly sits my favorite Parisian cafe, Gusto.  Serving hot coffee, fresh made-to-order panini and fantastic Gelato back just in time for summer! My son lived close by for a few semesters in college and we would meet here every chance we got. It's a local favorite and deserving of being on your places to try list. 

5.  Battle Grounds Coffee Company, in Haverhill MA

Battle Grounds Coffee Company sources the top 1-2% of Coffee crops, which promises guests are served the best tasting coffee they can get.  Guest absolutely must try their Rainbow Bagels! This spot is Veteran owned and doing great things for the community as well as our local Vets. Support them and your supporting a great cause. They also have live music, poetry and games with wine and beer.