Many people feel trapped at home believing it's IMPOSSIBLE to buy and sell at the same time in a market like this. The reality is I help people move from one home to the next very frequently. In fact in 2016 of the 65 homes I sold almost half were buying and selling with me in the same time period. If you are dreaming of upsizing, downsizing or relocating it's time to get serious about your move.  See the newest listings here now ! 

On Friday this lovely family clicked on "learn more about this house" and were connected with a team member. On Saturday they saw their dream home on Blueberry Hill in North Andover.

Later that week my New Hampshire focussed team member listed their house with a gorgeous presentation to maximize the immediate attention it received. Ultimately the high exposure allowed them to move forward on the new house. Within a matter of just a few days our group had negotiated a fabulous price for their existing home in Salem NH with multiple interested people  AND we negotiated a purchase price well below appraised value on the dream home in North Andover saving them money! We succesfully managed both closings on the same day making the move as easy as possible. From starter home to dream home in less than 3 months from start to finish. 

See some of my favorite tips for finding a home in a low inventory market on the quick video below.....

Here are some of the strategies we used to get them from Starter home to their Dream home hassle and headache free.