6 Cleveland St, Lawrence - I just listed this home a few days ago for $282,500 and within just 48 hours we started to receive STRONG offers. We are now under agreement substantially higher than our asking price with more than 16 potential buyers anxious for homes in town that missed out on this one.

If you are thinking of moving and would like to earn the highest sale price possible, not make costly repairs, skip the renovations before hitting the market and sell directly to one of our buyer clients to save additional money contact me today at 978 457 3406 via text message or phone call. 

You can depend on me to help you

  •  Determine the true value of your property today.
  • How long it should take to sell
  • What your moving expenses will be
  • What your options are for your next home as well as help you find it
  • Whether it makes sense to sell now or wait for the spring

Did you know it's possible to sell a home AS IS ? It's true! Be sure to ask me whether it makes more sense for you to sell this winter or during the spring. 

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