Who should and shouldn't be buying - Read along to find out what's best for you

As of this fall morning the average rent in North Andover is $1795 per month providing the renter with 2 *maybe* 3 bedrooms if you get lucky in a one level apartment without utilities typically.

To secure that property you'll most likely need first month, last month and a one month security deposit equal to about $5385 total, all of this to rent a condo. To rent a single family in North Andover you should expect to pay in excess of $2400 per month. At the end of the 12 months you have paid in over $28,000 toward someone else's mortgage. Good for them, not great for you if your goal is to build wealth, live in a home that you yourself make decisions on how to design, decorate or not decorate and have your own personal space.

Ownership is better for most people long term but not everyone should be buying a house today. Some should wait, some should rush to call me now and others maybe should be waiting a few months. The Fall market brings great values for buyers as many sellers who are on the market are serious, ready to negotiate and willing to be flexible on closing timelines. If you were to find your dream home this month you could be hosting your holiday celebrations in your very own home!

Ask yourself these questions to help you decide if home ownership is right for you.

Do you have or want pets that need space?

Do you have or want children and want them to have their own space?

Do you want to be able to finally implement those design ideas that you have been collecting on Pinterest ?

Do you want to build equity and save for retirement?

If you feel like you answered yes to these then it's clear the answer for you is you should be a home owner plus there are tax breaks that you enjoy as well.

If you are not sure you will have long term employment, not sure if you will be relocated for work in the next 12 months or not sure you like the idea of yard/house maintenance then renting may be a safer choice or perhaps a condo may be a better fit.

See what my clients and I have been able to negotiate on their dream homes here.

In North Andover here are homes where your mortgage payment would be about the same as the average rent depending on your credit and down payment.

My listing at 4 Lincoln St North Andover - $369,000 is an excellent value and perfect to make the transition from renting to owning.

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