It's no secret buyers in the upper tier market within the Boston area suburbs are struggling. I'm pleased to share that there are alternatives to breaking your budget or overpaying,  if you know where to look. If the idea of buying a million dollar condo with small closets that needs renovations and has no parking isn't appealing to you I have the solution that you need.

The compressed inventory and the abundance of qualified bidders should be all the reason you need to embrace the idea of falling in love with the lifestyle that the communities further north have to offer. The key to successful home buying in 2017 is knowing your options, when to engage the seller and what you can do to increase your odds of becoming a home owner without breaking your budget. For many the answer is expanding their search. 

More house hunters and home sellers have trusted our team since 2014 in Essex county to succesfully move them than any other real estate team in the marketplace. At Bentleys real estate I frequently meet clients who become life long friends. My job as a local real estate advisor is to help you better understand where your money gets you the best return, the right lifestyle and the quality of living you are hoping for. Personally I have managed the sales of more than 430 homes succesfully. I have the experience needed to guide you in the best direction for your home purchase. 

Your Million dollar budget feels more luxurious in communities like Andover, North Andover, Newburyport, Topsfield or Boxford than it will closer to the city. The available homes will provide you with space, quality, modern cosmetics and privacy within communities that have easily accessible charming downtowns and excellent school systems. If you are smart you'll take a moment and see for yourself why so many city buyers are coming to us to buy their dream home in the suburbs.

             See the full list of available homes here 

Some of the area's most beautiful homes are hop skip and a jump communities. Meaning with a commute that gives you just enough time to finish your latte or listen to 45 minutes or so of your audio book. You can be in the city by car, train or bus easily.

These communities are sought after by those trying to keep hold of the Bostonian amenities like 5 star restaurants, quality coffee shops, date night spots and dog parks without sacrificing style, size or yard. The lifestyle these towns have to offer is worth getting to know. Take a trip to my area and give yourself a chance to fall in love with attracts people from all around the globe.

See some of the best values in the $1,000,000 to $1,300,000 range below like our new listings on Storey ave or Dole Place or maybe you want to start fresh and build on a direct ocean front lot ?

Are you selling a home and buying at the same time? See the below video.

Contact me today at 978 457 3406 to discuss your goals and be sure to let me know exactly what you are hoping to find so I can match you with our upcoming listings.