When I first got my real estate license I was hesitant to jump in. I was unsure if this was the right industry for me. I felt as though I would complete my first few transactions and I might realize that maybe there was something better out there.

One year in and thirteen transactions later, I am hooked. Despite the any of the pushback I receive about being too young or not experienced enough, you won't be able to pull me away any time soon. I think after my ninth closing is when I began to call my job a career and I realized that I had finally the hang of things.

I am currently helping about eight familes reach their home buying and selling goals in one of the toughest markets that my team has seen in eight years. I want to share with you the things that have had the most influence on my success as a new agent in the 2017 market.

1.  One of the first things I figured out, that I think I will always struggle with is to remove yourself emotionally from every transaction. It is my job to lead clients in selling and buying homes as a professional, but also as a friend. When a buyer's offer is rejected, when a seller's home doesn't go under agreement right away or when your looking at the 35th house with a client at 7PM on a Sunday, it is so important to keep your head clear of emotions and to always be guiding them towards success. When you remove yourself from the overwhelming amount of love that you have for each client, you will be able to provide them with the best tools to make sound decisions. 

2.  Make sure your client is always informed and keep the conversation going. In a market like today's where there is so little inventory, it is very important for your clients to know that you are always looking for opportunities for them. This could mean you are calling expired, withdrawn or off market listings to create inventory for them.  Agent's should communicate with sellers about any showings, interest or feedback about their property. This can help them to choose a more attractive price for their property to bring them the right buyer or make any changes that might allow buyers to feel like this could be their home. 

3. Take advantage of everything you already know. Since I grew up  in the location that I service, this may be more applicable to me. But, all the knowledge that you have about the place you live, whether it be things to do, your favorite restaurants, secret walking trails, the best beaches or the neighborhoods with most kids... these are all things that people want to know!

4. Choose a market and learn everything there is to know about it. Become an expert on the property values, neighborhoods, local businesses and events... on top of the things that you might already know.  Be the person that your friends, clients and past clients turn to when there is ever a question about something happening locally. 

5.  Always be connecting with people, sharing knowledge, finding ways to help anyone around you and providing value. Again, become the person that your sphere turns to when they have a question about your local area, even if this isn't real estate related. 

6.  This is a relationship business. When the transaction is complete, the relationship should not end! Nine times out of ten your past client will have questions, need more guidance as a new home owner or want to be your friend. I have learned to nurture, appreciate and love every single relationship I've created in just my first year. I encourage other new agents to do the same.

This is only a fraction of the knowledge that has proven to positively impact my business. I have found some of the best ways to show my most authentic self while helping clients to reach their home buying and selling goals. I could not be more proud and excited about where I am at today, and for the people that I will get to help in the coming days and weeks.