I have dedicated myself to creating life long friendships with my valued clients over the past 11 years. I have earned my position within the Country's top 3% of all real estate agents since 2014. My team, Bentleys and I are Essex County's Most Trusted Real Estate group. We are #1 in ALL Of Essex county and have been since 2014 helping more people buy or sell than any other real estate team in the marketplace during this time frame. Together we are an unbeatable combination to have on your side. 

My average listing will receive multiple offers in under 5 days, ultimately selling for 100.4% + of our asking price due to my efforts and expertise and the far reaching exposure we provide.

I have perfected smart strategies and advanced systems to provide my clients with extraordinary success and often record breaking transactions. I create unique marketing campaigns that have allowed me to succesfully manage more than 440 home sales over the years ranging from first time buyer condos to homes well into the high end million + range.

What I am truly proud of is the fact that I have earned the trust and respect of my clients creating hundreds of life long friendships. While many agents consider people as " leads" I focus on relationships and doing the best that I possibly can to help the people who depend on me.

I'll be here when you need me and I'll keep you updated throughout our process continuously. I'll happily answer your call with solutions along with smart strategies to accomplish our goals. My supportive team includes attorneys, interior designers, house keepers, contractors, strategic planners, marketing specialists and listing coordinators as well as two personal listing assistants who all are available to assist with your sale with things like turning lights on and off, checking the property after a storm, being sure your property is shoveled and plowed and even arranging cleaning crews or handymen when needed. 

During the past 10 years I have successfully managed more than 430 sales worth almost $200,000,000 in real estate volume. The majority of the clients have been introduced to me from friends who started out as clients.  This is an extraordinary high amount for an individual agent and an achievement I am proud to share with my valued friends. 

For your comfort I offer short listing agreements. I am confident in my ability to get your home sold at the price we agree to list at. My agreements include language allowing you to cancel at any time prior to accepting an offer at no cost to you.

The extensive services, national and international marketing and high quality advertising I provide reaches further across the globe. In the first 48 hours we should reach as many as 80,000 people who could be interested in your property or know someone who is.

Are you a first responder, firemen, policemen, teacher, emt, nurse, doctor, therapist,psychologist or do you work in another similar field? Ask about the homes for heroes program to see if you qualify for a commission benefit. 

My team is #1 in All of Essex county and has been since 2014.  Together we are an unbeatable combination. 

My unusually high level of success has attracted national and local media to the homes I market as well as the unique experience I provide those that depend on me for guidance. 

Here is a link to real , client testimonials about my services. Personal references and phone numbers are available upon request.  

Some of the tools I utilize to market homes - 

When you list your property with me home buyers will fall in love with your house from their phone or tablet long before they arrive on your street.  Through storytelling lifestyle marketing I reach out and grab their attention, my systems help me enhance their interest often prompting offers at the first visit. I do all of this so that you will have the most comfortable process possible.

Marketing matters - 

This lovely home needed immediate attention. I created a set of ads that would attract many different types of buyers. The ad shown below worked beautifully as two of the interested buyers found the home through this link. 

Lots of agents share their listings on social media - very few have invested the time or money into learning how to target large audiences of real buyers for a specific home and even fewer have the budget to actually implement this type of campaign. Yes, it costs me more to do so however the results I receive are truly extraordinary and make your sale move faster and more smoothly.

This Andover home was a unique situation. It had failed to sell with another agent just 2 weeks before I was selected to market the home. The seller and I made the decision to increase the asking price by $100,000 in order to attract a different type of home seeker. 

See cutting edge 3D technology that I use to attract relocating and international clients that are unable to view your home in person prior to purchasing. Yes, this happens! With immersive marketing your home has more options than a home being marketed in the same old fashion with still photos alone. With my marketing the buyer can actually "walk" around your home from their screen and interact with the floorpan. Click here to see it in action