North Andover home values are steadily rising yet there are still great values to be found like the homes below. They have all just had price adjustments this week enhancing their appeal to the market place.

So you are now wondering why are people dropping their prices if values are increasing? There are many reasons that a smart seller will adjust their price to attract a faster, easier sale. Sometimes a home comes on too high, others the sellers find a house they want to move on or simply realize it's time to move on. Often a price tier will end up with more than houses than there typically are making it a buyers market - this causes a price drop.

Often I find that the winter is the absolute best time to negotiate prices on behalf of my buyer clients who depend on me to save them from overpaying. Price changes are important to buyers because they show that the seller has gotten serious about moving.

See some examples of homes I have negotiated for my buyers here

If you are buying in northern mass or on the north shore it's time to speed up your search as almost all towns are seeing big value increases. Often people tell me they are waiting until spring for more inventory. Spring brings more inventory along with warmer weather and also brings more buyers driving prices upwards even further. If you are dreaming of a new home and find yourself searching the local listing sites daily the winter market may be your best friend. Savvy sellers market their homes during the holiday and winter months making this season the perfect time to pick your opportunity. Houses typically sell faster in the winter due to more serious buyer activity so don't dawdle when you find the right house.

Remember - what you are falling in love with today someone else may have seen yesterday!

Here are two examples of strong values in North Andover that are available right this very minute :

4 Lincoln St

810 Salem St

Have questions about our community? Just ask! I've lived in town almost 40 years, raised my children here and have helped more than 300 families move locally. I know the market, understand the neighborhoods and have the insider knowledge you need to get the best buy.

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