It's no secret that different towns offer different options when it comes to home ownership but what people don't seem to know is exactly what the differences look like.

If you are house hunting in the $350,000 to $370,000 range here are some of your options in North Andover, Andover, Dracut, Tewksbury, Methuen, Haverhill, Reading and North Reading. You'll notice drastically different sized homes ranging from total fixer uppers to gorgeous properties varying by community. Often people start their search with me in Reading, Andover, North Andover and ultimately fall in love with homes in Methuen, Haverhill or Dracut and then call me a few years later to help them move into their second homes in their original goal community. This strategy often helps first time buyers get the home they were hoping for in a location close to where they want to be.

Here are some of the available houses for you to demonstrate the differences in each community.