Our team, Bentleys is #1 in All of Essex County since 2014. That means no other real estate team sells more homes than we do in the marketplace, that's strong credibility for you to embrace in your business. 

My focus is on providing the people who trust me with the smartest ways to achieve their goals in a way that shows them our services are truly extraordinary.  I take this approach when working with buyers and sellers as well as with the agents that put their faith in me to help them achieve a higher level of success. I am ranked within the top 3% nationally of all agents across all brands and I can help you learn how to surpass my successes. 

I am searching for Real estate professionals who want leverage, people  who have the desire to earn higher income, grow their business, help more people and ultimately take time off away from the business to recharge on a regular basis.

As a Bentleys agent you have the ability to utilize my personal track record as a part of your social proof as well as our team's success. This combination will catapult your achievements into a higher range on day 1 of our time together.  You can stop living commission check to commission check. Instead of worrying who will cover for you while you are away you will be able to focus on family and actually turn off the phone. My staff becomes your staff.

        We wouldn't be competitors, we would be partners in our mutual successes. 

I am selectively interviewing agents to join the North of Boston Living Group to work with the hundreds of incoming *serious* leads that we receive on a weekly basis as well as our database of past happy clients. Due to the strength of our digital marketing strategy a new or experienced agent could achieve real sales in the first 30 days. You can immediately start to build a long term nationally recognized career that you can truly be proud of. What we do is unlike any other team in our marketplace providing agents who join our group with extraordinary opportunities to earn at a 6 figure income within the first 12 months.

Over the past 11 years I have worked to perfect my systems, strategies and support allowing me to manage more than 430 home sales personally, not including team volume or sales. In 2016 I reached more than $100,000,000 of sold real estate. As a team agent you have access to the same systems, marketing, database, leads, scripts, conversion kits, ads, funnels, CRM, team support, collateral, training, trainers and database that I do. I will help you build your business to a level that you hadn't thought possible in a way that feels easier than you imagined.

I coach with Tom Ferry to keep our business years ahead of our competitors. My systems are brought to us by the geniuses at Curaytor, Jimmy Mackin, Chris Smith and their team. We have a full time inside sales agent setting appointments for you through the leading company in the country. We have a marketing budget that allows us to make you the agent of choice in your marketplace and the systems to help you easily grow  your business and your reach.

Our attention grabbing advertising and marketing gets noticed on a national level including print ads, social media ads and exceptionally high quality video making you look like the best choice for smart buyers and sellers. We have the ability to focus the spotlight on you, your talent and your successes minimizing the effort needed to educate people as to why you are the best choice and making it easier to get the introduction you need to succeed with new clients. 

Our listings typically receive over 40,000 views in under 48 hours setting you apart from your competition on any listing presentation and they look fabulous see some examples below.

Examples of our listings  below- we work all over the north shore/northern mass and southern NH areas.

With me as your personal cheer leader, support system and mentor you won't make the mistakes that so many agents make and lose the investment that so many do. Instead you can learn the business the right way and thrive saving yourself time and money with less costs that you would have as an independent agent. 

My first year in the industry I was the North East Association of Realtors Rookie of the year as well as the Coldwell Banker Rookie of the year. At the time this felt big, if I knew then what I know now I could have done 10X the production that first year. Since then I have managed record breaking sales, created sales records, grown my business to the point where I am personally ranked within the top 55 in the entire state as of June 2016, hit Boston's top 20 list , and stayed in the Top 3% of all agents Nationally since 2011.

I am frequently called on by national & local media to share my experience into our marketplace and cutting edge strategies giving you more credibility with clients.

Call , text or email me today for a confidential discussion about your options. I will be here when you need me and I won't let you down. 

I know change is never easy but it doesn't have to be difficult. My brokerage provides seamless agent on boarding all we need is you.