Bentley's is #1 in All of Essex County since 2014 & as of 9/24/17 #6 in ALL of Massachusetts with planned saturation in Southern NH.  That means no other real estate team sells more homes than we do in the Essex County Marketplace and we are quickly reaching #1 in MA. That's strong credibility for you to embrace in your business. We aren't just #1 in Newburyport, though we were voted the "Best of". 

Our boutique brand is able to reach hundreds of thousands of buyers and sellers quickly and easily due to our substantial marketing platform, higher than most national firms marketing budgets and our smart strategies. Check out and see for yourself. The difference is clear. Watch for the launch of it's sister site based in the Andovers with support for the Merrimack Valley, North Shore & Southern NH areas.

Do you know how to go from 10 sales to 20? 40 sales to 60 or 80? I have done it, helped others do it and can show you how to with ease and less effort than you think.

If you knew how to increase your average sale price by $100,000 increasing your earnings while working less hours would you make the changes?

What if you knew the easiest way to earn a 6 % commission or how to find "off market" houses for your buyers? Would you take the leap and move ahead? 

As the driving force behind the NOBL group @Bentley's my focus is on providing the people who depend on me with the smartest ways to achieve their goals while showcasing their work in a truly extraordinary way.  I personally have ranked within the top 3% nationally of all agents across all brands since 2011 and I can help you learn how to surpass my successes. 

I am selectively meeting people who are seeking real leverage, who have the desire to earn higher income, to help more people and ultimately take time off away from the business to actually enjoy life. 

As a Bentleys agent you have the ability to use our brand recognition and national exposure to further your personal career. This combination will catapult your achievements into a higher range on day 1 of our time together.  Stop living commission check to commission check. Instead of worrying who will cover for you while you are away you will be able to focus on family and actually turn off the phone. Our systems become your systems and together we build your future.

        We wouldn't be competitors, we would be partners in our mutual successes. 

I have hundreds of incoming *serious* leads that we receive on a weekly basis as well as our database of past happy clients. Due to the strength of our digital marketing strategy a new or experienced agent could achieve real sales in the first 30 days. You can immediately start to build a career that you can truly be proud of. What we do is unlike any other team in our marketplace providing agents with the ability to quickly surpass the typical agent earnings and move into the luxury realm. 

Our attention grabbing advertising and marketing gets noticed on a national level including print ads, social media ads and exceptionally high quality video making you look like the best choice for smart buyers and sellers. We have the ability to focus the spotlight on you, your talent and your successes minimizing the effort needed to educate people as to why you are the best choice and making it easier to get the introduction you need to succeed with new clients. 

Our listings typically receive over 40,000 views in under 48 hours setting you apart from your competition on any listing presentation and they look fabulous see some examples below.

Examples of our listings  below- we work all over the north shore/northern mass and southern NH areas.

With me as your personal cheer leader, support system and mentor you won't make the mistakes that so many agents make and lose the investment that so many do. Instead you can learn the business the right way and thrive saving yourself time and money with less costs that you would have as an independent agent. 

Imagine if you knew what to say, when to say it, how to research a home properly, how to negotiate repairs even in a bidding war, when to say yes, when to disagree? There is so much more than just opening a door that goes into a rewarding career. Let us teach you how to become the true expert you know you can be. 

I am frequently called on by national & local media to share my experience into our marketplace and cutting edge strategies giving you more credibility with clients.

It's very common for me to receive messages all day/night asking for advice and guidance. I'm available to support you with whatever you need.

Call me at 978 457 3406 or email me [email protected] today for a truly confidential discussion about your options. I will be here when you need me and I won't let you down. I know change is never easy but it doesn't have to be difficult. There is no need to worry about any of the stuff that slows you down when transitioning, signs, business cards, website updates, we manage all and make you look better than ever.